Commercial Insurance

Starting and running a business in Ohio is not a walk in the park. Successful companies have invested a lot of time and resources to minimize risks and maximize profits. Some of the perils that can bring your business down can be omitted by commercial insurance while others require managerial skills. Remarkable Insurance works with companies that require coverage.

Here are some of our commercial insurance policies:

Business Liability Coverage

Our business liability protects your businesses from financial losses due to:

Our business liability coverage protects your company from lawsuits and claims filed by third parties such as customers and visitors.

Workers Compensation Policy

In line with the state requirement for any company with more than one employee to have workers compensation, Remarkable Insurance offers this coverage. The coverage safeguards your business by providing benefits to employees who get injured at work and are unable to continue work.

Property Insurance Policy

Commercial property coverage protects your business property and contents from hazards such as theft, vandalism, and fire. Also, our coverage includes leased or owned buildings, inventory and equipment, and customers’ items left in your care.

We understand that each business may require customized or additional coverage. For instance, some companies need coverage from risks like fire, explosions, and wind. Our experienced, professional, and trained agents will be glad to discuss and customize policies to suit your business at your convenience.

Professional Insurance Policy

We provide professional coverage for companies in the service industry. When the professional conducts fall below a client's expectation or required standards, your business may be sued. The coverage meets the lawsuit expenses and settlements that you may be legally obliged to pay by the courts.

Commercial Automobile Coverage

If you have cars, trailers, vans, or trucks in use by your company, we can provide automobile coverage for them. This policy reimburses your company in case of theft and damages to the vehicles. Also, your business is safeguarded if your employee accidentally hits someone or property.

Are you doing business in the heart of Ohio? Get in touch with us for quote discussions! Our Ohio agents can work with you to get you started and teach you more about how a commercial insurance policy can benefit you.