Renters Insurance

Those looking for renters insurance in the state of Ohio should speak with a representative at Remarkable Insurance, providing renters insurance to those in the state of Ohio.

Many people don't know the specifics of why they should buy renters insurance. Let's look at some things you should know about renters insurance in Ohio:

What does renters insurance cover?

Many people assume that their landlords have insurance to cover the apartment their living in. While that is probably true, that insurance doesn't cover your personal property or the cost of living expense that would be incurred if a fire destroyed the apartment. Also, you may be liable for certain kinds of damage caused accidentally to the apartment, such as a kitchen fire or a plumbing blunder. Also, injury to a guest, like a dog bite, could be a protected incident if you have renters insurance.

Things to Know When You're Considering Renters Insurance

You should know that additional types of issues can be covered by renters insurance, including things like credit/debit card theft and forgery. Limits on the amount of coverage you'll have for the specific property you own can be worked out with your insurance agent. Things like artwork and jewelry may need their own additional coverage within the policy. Even if your personal property is outside the apartment, such as in your car or the college dormitory of your child, it could still be covered.

You May be Required by your Landlord to have Renters Insurance

Although renters insurance is not legally mandated by the state, a landlord may require you to have a renters insurance policy before signing a lease. This is to protect them from liability issues that may stem from accidents in the rental home.

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